“World Cosplay Summit Official Photo Book 2013” on Sale Now

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Since its grand opening in 2003, World Cosplay Summit (WCS) has expanded its scale to inviting representatives from 20 countries for World Coplay Championship on 3rd August this year. The champion was team Italy’s “Mazinkaiser”, which they won for their third times, and had been three years since the last victory.


WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT Official Photo Book 2013


While many other projects besides cosplay championship are getting attention, this year’s hot news was the release of “WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT Official Photo Book 2013” on 30th September.


“WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT Official Photo Book 2013” was edited and supervised by WCS, and designed, packaged and published by Ryuko Hasshin, Inc. It includes pictures taken during WCS, from gravure pictures of each country’s representatives to pictures of championship and its back stage. You can enjoy beautiful pictures only official books could present. You can feel the air of excitement from snapshots of public cosplayers.


Price of the photo book is 1,800 yen. Publishing 10,000 copies, not only in Aichi prefecture (site of WCS) and Tokai area but also in Tokyo and Osaka. Check out this full-color printed, substantialicious – over 100 page – gorgeous photo book!





Ryuko Hasshin Inc. “WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT Official Photo Book 2013”
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