VIDEO: Voice Actor Kenichi Suzumura’s Latest Song “SHIPS” PV

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Lantis has posted a short version promotional video for “SHIPS,” the leading track from anime voice actor Kenichi Suzumura‘s upcoming 3rd album “VESSEL.” The 39-year-old actor made his debut for Morley in Macross 7 (1994) and has played many popular anime characters such as Shinn Asuka in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny (2004-), Sougo Okita in Gintama (2006-), and Atsushi Murasakibara in Kuroko’s Basketball (2012-). As a solo singer, he has released 10 singles, 2 original albums, and 3 live DVDs.


The latest 3rd album “VESSEL” includes his 7th single “Asunaro” (Heaven’s Memo Pad ED) and 9th single “Shiroi Karasu” (Cøde:Breaker ED). It will be released in Japan on May 14. In this “SHIPS” PV, he plays a son who returns to his home to succeed his father’s public bath.


“SHIPS” short PV



Kenichi Suzumura artist photo via Natalie