VIDEO: Team Italy Takes Top Prize at World Cosplay Summit

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Around the globe, teams are being picked to represent their countries at the 2013 World Cosplay Summit, set to take place the first week of August in Nagoya, Japan. This year 20 countries participated in the World Cosplay Summit. Each country was represented by a team of two cosplayer, who were judged on three criteria: costumes, performance, and the level of faithfulness towards the original work.


From the event’s official description

Japanese “manga” and “animation” are fascinating young people all over the world. The Manga boom brought not only pleasure of “reading” or “watching” but also fun of performing cartoon characters. This created Cosplay. The World Cosplay Summit 2003 was born in Nagoya Japan to create a new international cultural exchange through cosplayers all over the world. The number of participating countries increases every year. Now 20 countries are having entries. Cosplayers all over the world are heading for Nagoya city, the birthplace of cosplay. The Cosplay Championship is a competition which chooses a grand champion from the representatives of each country. It is an exciting contest where performers are judged with not only their costumes but also staging and performance. It is the most competitive contest to choose the best cosplayers from the world top level cosplayers.


This year the WCS itself has also revealed a set of four mascot representative, designed by illustrator Mel Kishida (Hanasaku Iroha).

Special prize awards

Cyperous Award for best wigs
Team Japan
Mariko and Fran
Series cosplayed: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Dracula and Alucard)


Nico Nico Award

Team Italy
Massimo and Andrea
Series cosplayed: Mazinkaiser


Joysound Award

Team China
Chen and Wang
Series cosplayed: Monster Hunter 3G


Brother Award

Team USA
Tiffany and Cassandra


AniStar Award

Team Korea
Hong and Park
Rockman Zero (Zero and Copy X)


3rd Place / Bushiroad Award

Team Thailand
Chittaworn and Pongwat
Series cosplayed: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Raiden and Monsoon)


2nd Place / Livedam Award

Team USA
Tiffany and Cassandra


1st Place / ANA Award

Team Italy
Massimo and Andrea
Series cosplayed: Mazinkaiser



Every year, participants appear in an parade, which is presented on a red carpet with cosplay Tokugawa Muneharu




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