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CRN Interview: “Phoenix Wright” Composer Noriyuki Iwadare at Japan Expo 2013

12 septiembre, 2013 Yomimaid 0

Iwadare talks about what he thinks of video game music and goes into detail about the changes in composition styles over the years

I recently sat down for an interview with Japan Expo USA 2013 Guest Of Honor Noriyuki Iwadare, a Japanese video game music composer known for his work with Capcom’s Phoenix Wright series. He impressed American fans on both Saturday and Sunday with high energy live shows and I was able to pick his brain about his music and video game music work.  Read more after the jump!

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VIDEO: PBS Game/Show Asks If Video Games Will Always Be Violent

12 septiembre, 2013 Joseph Luster 0

Long-running debate continues in latest episode of web series

Is violence something that’s simply intrinsic to video games, or does it have more to do with our culture as a whole? PBS’s Game/Show web series poses the question, “Will there always be violent video games?” in its latest episode, and you can see what they have to add to the debate after the jump.

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Sorry, It’s Going to Be a While Before “Kingdom Hearts III” Comes Out

11 septiembre, 2013 Joseph Luster 0

Tetsuya Nomura is busy directing both that and “Final Fantasy XV”

Though we doubt anyone was looking for it to come out TOO soon, Square Enix advises folks to manage expectations when it comes to Kingdom Hearts III. With Tetsuya Nomura directing both that and Final Fantasy XV, it’s going to be a while before the Disney/Square collab continues. Read on for more.

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“Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess” and Lucy Heartfilia Swimsuit Figure Releases Scheduled

11 septiembre, 2013 Scott Green 0

This, plus more hints and sketches from author Hiro Mashima

Retails are now listing that FUNimation will release the Hiro Mashima plotted Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess anime movie on December 10th. Also due in December, X PLUS has a Lucy Heartfilia figure coming for 6500yen. This, plus more hints and sketches from author Hiro Mashima after the jump.

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“Attack on Titan” and More “Psycho-Pass” Perfumes on the Way

11 septiembre, 2013 Scott Green 0

No, they don’t smell like 3D maneuver gear oil and titan saliva

Attack on Titan isn’t the first anime you’d pick to inspire perfumes, but Cafe’ Reo is offering Eren, Mikasa and Levi Eu de Toilette never the less. Meanwhile, noitaminA Apparel is getting ready to offer a third Psycho-Pass perfume. As with the now sold out Shinya Kōgami and Shōgo Makishima, fans are being asked to vote for the composition of the Nobuchika Ginoza fragrance. More after the jump.