Okonomiyaki Gets Its Own Burger In Japan

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Japanese fast food chain, Lotteria is known for their adventurous creations such as the Ramen Burger (which is not the same thing as the Ramen Burger that replaces buns with noodles, Lotteria’s version replaced the patty with noodles), Sadako Kitto Cool Milk Shake, and their most recent creation incorporates Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) into a burger and named the Okonomiyaki Burger.


Okonomiyaki Burger Egg flavor (320 yen) on left and Okonimiyaki Burger Modern-Yaki Flavor (280 yen) on right. The Egg flavor has a soft sunny side up egg on top of the Okonomiyaki patty and the Modern-Yaki flavor adds noodles and shredded cabbage.



For those of you who are not so familiar with Okonomiyaki, it is a flour based batter mixed with shredded cabbage, dried bonito and other good stuff and baked into a pancake on a griddle and eaten with a sauce similar to Tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo. Lotteria calls the dish the “soul food of Kansai region”. Images are from Kuroko’s Basketball episode 14 where characters visit an Okonomiyaki restaurant.



Okonomiyaki is usually eaten with chopsticks or with the spatula that you use to cook and flip it in the Kansai region.



The burger form of Okonomiyaki is ready for you to eat it with one hand, eleminating the risk of your partner accidentally flipping it too high to fall onto your head. Do not try this at home. Both burgers will be available at Lotteria restaurants in Japan from August 19th for a limited time. Would you try it if you have a chance?


Source: Kotaku Japan

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