Motorboat Race Mascot Girl Matsuri Shizunami to Join Winter Comiket

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Boat Race Tamagawa, a motorboat racing stadium in Tokyo, has announced that it will join the upcoming 87th Comic Market to introduce its newly created mascot character named Matsuri Shizunami to the manga/anime fans. She is set as an idol motorboat racer of uncertain age. They will offer her character goods while promoting the racing stadium (motorboat racing is a municipally operated gambling in Japan) in the industry booth section of the world’s largest doujinshi event. Check her profile below.





Name: Matsuri Shizunami 静波まつり

Origin of the name:

 1. Shizunami can be translated as Shizukana Nami (calm waves), for Tamagawa/Tama River is known for its stillest surface in Japan.

 2. “政,” the Chinese character for the stadium’s address 是政 (koremasa) also can be pronounced as “Matsuri”

Nicknames: Matsuri-chan, Machuri

Age: unknown

Birthday: June 9 (also the stadium’s launch day in 1954)

Blood type: B

Measurements: Height: 158cm B/83cm W/57cm H/87cm

Birthplace: Oume-city, Tokyo

Occupation: Idol racer

Hobbies: taking baths, watching boat races

Favorite foods: popcorn, fruit tart

Personality: having a strong fighting instinct in her placid temperament



Source: Boat Race Tamagawa via Netlabo




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