“Conception II” RPG Births a Demo on March 25

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Atlus plans to let hungry fans try out Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars before it launches in North America next month. A demo is set to arrive for both the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS versions on March 25, and it will let players carry saves over to the full version. Finishing the demo will also net you a set of bonus goodies that can come in handy in the game. 


In addition to the demo announcement, Atlus made sure to detail the giant battling death robots your little star children can turn into. While spending Bonding Points in combat is something one should do sparingly, the result is a whole team of children combining into a single, ultra-powerful unit. The unit takes on the primary element of the team, so there’s strategy involved in which monster you use it against. 



Atlus explains it further:

Mecunite units have a mega-devastating single target attack, an AOE attack and a heal that heals allies for 100% of health, so it’s something that can easily turn the tide of battle. And since it gets its own HP/MP, you can wait until you have a team of Star Children at critical health (but that can be a dangerous line to play…) 



They come with huge stat boosts too, so not only will you they dish out tons of damage, but their high speed stat gets them a lot of turns. As you might have guessed, it can quickly turn the tide of battle. 


Conception II hits PS Vita and 3DS in North America on April 15, with a European release currently set for Q2 2014. 



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