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VIDEO: Halloween in Japan!

4 noviembre, 2014 Patrick Macias 0

Marios, Zombies, Sailor Scouts, etc

It took a while to catch on, but dressing up and acting nuts on Halloween is now officially a “thing” now in Tokyo and this clip captures the festive spirit in the streets of Shibuya. Watch after the jump, because we’re not letting go of spooky fun just yet!

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VIDEO: CospLA Revisits Anime Expo 2014 in New Clip

27 octubre, 2014 Patrick Macias 0

“Do you want to go out for some boba?”

Good things come to those who wait! Example: Anime Expo was a few months ago, but only now has a new music video emerged from the gang at CospLA featuring tons of impressive outfits and plenty of wacky dancing. Enjoy below!

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VIDEO: Japan’s Real-Life Transforming Autobot

23 octubre, 2014 Patrick Macias 0

Decepticons could not be reached for comment

“Robots in disguise” take a big step forward to becoming a reality with the debut of a new robot prototype in Japan that can transform from bi-pedal human form to action-ready automobile. Watch a demo video after the jump!

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VIDEO: A Visit to Japan Robot Week

16 octubre, 2014 Patrick Macias 0

Event runs from Oct/15 – Oct/17 at Tokyo Big Site

Mechanical marvels of all shapes and sizes are gathering in Tokyo now for the event known as Japan Robot Week. Get a sneak peek at the our future high tech overlords after the jump!

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13 octubre, 2014 Patrick Macias 0

tofubeats headlines an all-night club event

Crunchy News editor Patrick Macias and J-pop fun site MTV81 conclude their recent round of live event reportage in Tokyo with a look at the whirlwind all night club event known as THE BLOCK PARADE. Enjoy after the jump!