A Japanese Party Features Anime-style Leader Illustration for the Election 

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It is in the middle of the 17-day campaign period for the House of Councillors election, set for July 21 in Japan. However, the turnout decline among young voters has been a serious problem. What is the most appealing strategy for young people of today? Social Democratic Party of Japan think they know the answer.


Recently they posted an anime-style illustration of their 57-year-old party leader, Mizuho Fukushima on their official Facebook page. The illustration was drawn by one of her supporters in 2009. She was so happy with cuteness of the illustration and has used it as a promotional character of the party occasionally. Now the anime-style character of her is asking people to vote for her party and appealing their campaign pledges including opposition to the proposed revision of Japanese Child Pornography Law by the ruling party, the Liberal Democratic Party. Social Democratic Party of Japan has four seats

in the House of Councillors now.


Mizuho Fukushima, the party leader of Social Democratic Party of Japan


Source: International Business Times