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Experience Emptiness in Shoumetsu Toushi Key Visual

Upcoming anime is based on a smart phone game by Wright Flyer Studios in which a city’s populations vanishes

A new key visual has been published for Shoumetsu Toshi (“Annihilation City”), an upcoming TV anime based on the smart phone game by Wright Flyer Studios about a mysterious pair of people trying to discover why the entire population of their city seems to have vanished overnight. Hit the jump to check it out.

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The Summer Season is a Perfect Time to Dive Back in to Free!

It’s been a while, but the boys are back and ready to face their future and… their pasts? In Free! -Dive to the Future-!

Whether you’re a curious new fan or an old hand, Free! -Dive to the Future- is a great time to jump into the deep end with the swimming boys and their dramatic adventures! It’s an exciting time for Free! fans, so hit the jump to find out what’s in store for the new season!

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World of Tanks Blitz Promotes Heavy Armor Romance with Tank Head Girl Browser Game

Do you have what it takes to woo a twin-tailed tank?

In what can only be described as inspired advertising, mobile game World of Tanks Blitz is promoting itself in Japan with a dating sim browser game entitled Tank Head Girl ~I Want to See Your Smile~ which encourages players to step into the shoes of a high school boy attempting to ask out a girl with a FV214 Conqueror tank on her head. Hit the jump to learn more.