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Xowed Group adquiere las marcas Jonu Media y Yowu Ent.

10 junio, 2018 Tsukino1980 0

Xowed Entertaiment ha adquirido los derechos de las marchas Jonu Media y Yowu Entertaiment, iniciando una nueva etapa después del verano, en septiembre de este año. La empresa, bajo el epígrafe Xowed Group aglutinará ambos sellos, cumpliéndose así la n…

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“Street Fighter” Game VA Reprises Role for “Hi Score Girl” TV Anime

10 junio, 2018 0

TV anime based on romantic comedy seinen manga about `90’s kids playing arcade games kicks off on July 13, 2018

In an inspired bit of casting, voice actor Hiroki Yasumoto – who plays the quintessentially American brawler Guile in the Japanese versions of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V – will be taking a crack at an earlier incarnation of the character in Hi Score Girl, an upcoming TV anime based on the romantic comedy manga by Rensuke Oshikiri about kids who are obsessed with arcade games in the early 1990’s. Hit the jump to learn more.