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The Bad Guys are Back in “The Chronicles of Middle Manager Tonegawa” Visual

Parody spin-off based on Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s high stakes gambling manga “Kaiji” hits NTV on July 03, 2018

A new key visual and the ending theme performer have been revealed for Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa (“The Chronicles of Middle Manager Tonegawa”), an upcoming TV anime based on the spin-off manga that parodies the villains of Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s high stakes gambling manga Kaiji by re-imagining them as a bunch of bumbling corporate bureaucrats. Hit the jump to zawa zawa.

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“Hello, This is Terumi” Anime Rings Up Romance on Smart Phone App

Adaptation of romantic comedy manga by Etsuko Mizusawa will broadcast via the Anime Beans program

In a bit of irony, it has been revealed that the anime adaptation of Moshi Moshi, Terumi Desu. (“Hello, This is Terumi.”), a romantic comedy manga by Etsuko Mizusawa about a girl who hates smart phones and the Internet and the boy who loves her, will be distributed as a “tate anime” designed to be viewed vertically on smart phones via the Anime Beans app. Hit the jump to learn more.

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Oukoku no ko de Bikke acaba junto a su revista

8 junio, 2018 mimotaku 0

La revista de josei manga Itan de Kodansha se despide del mercado en su número #44. Algunas de sus series en curso pasarán a ser publicadas en la plataforma Comic Days mientras que otras han finalizado junto a la revista, como es el caso de Oukoku no k…

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The 10 Most Unlucky Characters in All of Anime

Let’s take a look at 10 individuals for whom Lady Luck is most definitely not on their side!

Whether it be cursed with constant failure, always coming up short, or literally just unlucky in all things, these 10 characters need all the help they can get! Hit the jump to see which characters you should avoid on rainy days!

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Nuevos datos sobre el tomo 26 de Btooom (Ivrea)

8 junio, 2018 Kisacullen 0

A través de sus redes sociales, la editorial Ivrea ha dado a conocer nuevos datos sobre su edición del tomo 26 de Btooom, el cual constituye el final de la obra. El manga, autoría de Junya Inoue, se publicó en las páginas de la revista Comic Bunch de S…

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What Makes a Best Boy a Best Boy?

What separates the good from the very best boys in anime?

Anime is filled with so many good boys who we must all treasure and hold closely to our hearts, but it’s often hard to describe what makes a best boy. What really makes a boy the best? There’s a few things each best boy has in common which separates them from the sea of worthy candidates. Hit the jump to discover the secret to the perfect best boy!