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Bad Girl Falls for Good Boy in “Tsure x Dure Children” PV

Short form TV anime based on high school rom-com manga by Toshiya Wakabayashi hits Tokyo MX on July 04, 2017

A new preview video for the Tsure x Dure Children TV anime highlights the blooming romance between student council president Masafumi Akagi (voiced by Kenshō Ono) and delinquent girl Ryōko Kaji (voiced by Ayane Sakura). Hit the jump to check it out.

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Bandai Goes Busty And Big With “Dragon Ball” Chichi China Dress And Shenron Figures

With Dragon Ball Super going full-force, Bandai has been going Super Saiyan on the wallets of figure collectors

With Dragon Ball Super going full-force, Bandai has been going Super Saiyan on the wallets of figure collectors. First, their line of remarkably fanservice-y Dragon Ball Gals MegaHouse figures gives Chichi a chance to live up to her name. Sculpted by Ryutaro Kaminaga, the 20cm China Dress ver. figure is shipping in September. Then, in October, there will be a S.H. Figuarts Shenron. This 28cm (with base) goes for 10,260yen.

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It’s A Classy Sis-con Double Team With “Oreimo” x “Eromanga-Sensei” Limited Print

Now, Kirino and Sagiri have teamed up for a movic Mistograph digital print

Back in December, Kuroneko hinted to her fans that she’d be showing up in the anime adaptation of her creators’ (Tsukasa Fushimi and Hiro Kanzaki) Eromanga-sensei. And, sure enough, Gokō-chan did make an appearance in the spring series. Prior to that, there was a Dengeki and Nico Nico meeting in an Oreimo x Eromanga sensei crossover webcast. Now, Kirino and Sagiri have teamed up. 

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Roll Some L’s With Sentai Filmworks’ Introduction Of “Gate” LeLei La Lalena English Casting

Section23 will be releasing Sentai Filmworks’ collection of Gate on July 11th

Sorry, you’re PROBABLY waiting for Rory, but we’re not there yet.  The girls of GATE are mystified by the ways of JSDF, but at least they have level-headed LeLei La Lalena (played by Brittney Karbowski) to give some clarity. Section23 will be releasing Sentai Filmworks’ collection of on July 11th, and to prepare, they’ve been announcing the English dub cast through the week. Check out the introduction after the jump.

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The Fickle Warmth of Flames: An exploration of Farnese in “Berserk”, Part 1

Column: Head Space

In a series where so many characters stand at the border of oblivion, Farnese’s grasp on her humanity seems most tenuous among the central cast. Despite the atrocities she has committed, Berserk has taken the time to show us the circumstances that created the ruthless knight. Read more about her struggle to survive in a bleak world and path to redemption, after the jump!

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Mario Takes Us on a CG Tour of Universal’s Nintendo Theme Park

Explore the world of Nintendo ahead of Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics

What’s the biggest event coming to Japan in 2020? Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios, of course! Forget the Olympics, man, because Mario and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom are getting their own attraction. While we don’t have a ton of information on the park’s details yet, Universal Studios Japan shared a short CG-animated promo that depicts what the park could end up looking like. 

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Ghosts Are Good Neighbors in “Youkai Apart no Yuuga na Nichijou”

Cast, staff, and TV schedule published for TV anime adaptation of supernatural comedy light novels by Hinowa Kouzuki

Get ready for a close encounter of the spooky kind, because the main staff, the main cast, and the Japanese TV schedule have been revealed for Youkai Apart no Yuuga na Nichijou (“Gracious Daily Life at the Youkai Apartment”), an upcoming TV anime based on the series of supernatural comedy light novels written by Hinowa Kouzuki about a young man who takes up residence in a boarding house populated by denizens of the spirit world. Hit the jump to learn more.

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“Culdcept Revolt” Trailer Digs into Basic Gameplay

Go from starting a match to claiming victory in two minutes

If you’d like the opportunity to beef up on your tactics before Culdcept Revolt launches this August, NIS America has the solution. A new “What’s in the Cards” trailer is here to introduce basic gameplay, taking players from the start of the match to some of the keys to claiming victory.