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Three New “Senran Kagura” Games Are in the Works

If you just can’t get enough of Senran Kagura‘s particularly busty style of ninja action, Marvelous AQL has a few treats up its sleeve for you. Three new games are in the works, including Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson on 3DS, Dekamori Senran Kagura on PS Vita, and Senran Kagura: Eestival Versus for an as-yet-undetermined Sony platform.


The first to arrive will be Dekamori Senran Kagura, which is described as a “hyper big breasts cooking rhythm game.” Losing means stripping in the Meteorise-developed game, which features 22 songs and hits Vita in Japan on March 20. 


The first character set for the game will pack the Hanzo Academy and Homura Crimson Squad for ¥2,400, with the Death Cram School and Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy set arriving on April 24 for ¥2,500. A full set with both will be available for ¥4,083 ($39).


Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson—the Tamsoft-developed side-scrolling action game that has a playable male character (Ikaruga’s older brother Murasame) and boss battles set in 3D fields—is due out on 3DS in Japan on August 7 for ¥6,998 ($67). It will also feature both co-op and tag-team multiplayer modes. 


Less is known about Senran Kagura: Eestival Versus, but we should know more about the Sony-bound entry soon.


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Joseph Luster is the Games and Web editor at Otaku USA Magazine. His blog can be found at subhumanzoids. Follow him on Twitter at @Moldilox.

Saint’s Row IV Anime Pack Gives You All the “Eastern Cultural Happiness” You Need

Saints Row IV fans might find some amusement in the game’s latest tongue-in-cheek “anime” costume pack, which is now available on Steam. For $2.99, gamers…

Crunchyroll to Stream Wizard Barristers Supernatural Anime

Kite/Galilei Donna’s Umetsu directs series premiering on Sunday

Crunchyroll to Stream “Wizard Barristers” Anime

Today’s volley of new anime announcements comes to a close with word that Wizard Barristers, the newest project from Yasuomi Umetsu, of Kite and Megazone 23 Part II fame, will begin streaming soon.


Wizard Barristers is set to broadcast every Sunday starting on January 12, at 10:00am Pacific Time for its premium members, with free members able to watch one week later. More information can be found on www.crunchyroll.com/barristers.



Story and background


Wizard Barristers takes place in the near future of 2018, where wizards and humans live side-by-side in Tokyo. While police continue to protect the rest of society, wizards are tried according to magical laws in special courts defended by wizard barristers. Cecile Sudo has just become the youngest wizard barrister at age 17, and begins work at the Butterfly Law Offices. However, unbeknownst to her, she has tremendous magical potential…


Director Yasuomi Umetsu, whose other works include the recent Galilei Donna, will be helming the series, which is being animated by ARMS, also known for their work on titles like Elfen Leid and Samurai Bride. Meanwhile the opening theme is being performed by anisong singer Lia, called “Justia,” with relative newcomer Rui Tanabe not only performing the ending theme, “Blue Topaz,” but also voicing the main character Cecile as well.


Wizard Barristers will be available to Crunchyroll’s audience in the following territories: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia New Zealand, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Latin America, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the Middle East. 



Patrick Macias is editor in chief of Crunchyroll News. He is also the editor of Otaku USA magazine. Check out his Tumblr at japanesefashioninferno.tumblr.com.

Sugieren que Kill La Kill es un plagio

El nuevo anime Kill la Kill, de Studio Trigger ha ido ganando mucha popularidad por la visión que da al público sobre la vida de los alumnos del instituto. Pero últimamente, los fans japoneses de la serie afirman que en realidad el concepto sobre el que se basa este anime no es nuevo y se ha declarado la guerra abierta entre los que afirman que es un plagio y los que defienden que simplemente se basa en los mismos patrones que otros mangas y animes anteriores.

Hace una década, Hiroyuki Ooshima y Daisuke Ihara crearon Gakuen Noise, un manga de combates escolares que se publicó en la revista Monthly Zero Sum. Tras ver unos cuantos episodios de Kill la Kill detectó una serie de similitudes muy sospechosas entre esta serie y Gakuen Noise. A continuación se detallan los parecidos de ambas series:

  • Las escuelas de ambas series están dominadas por un consejo de estudiantes autoritario que reprime la libertad de los estudiantes.
  • Los protagonistas son estudiantes nuevos dispuestos a acabar con el consejo de estudiantes.
  • Ambos protagonistas tratan de resolver la muerte en extrañas circunstancias de un ser querido y como recuerdo llevan un objeto rojo.
  • Las dos series se basan en las luchas entre los protagonistas y el consejo de estudiantes.
En la actualidad, Ooshima vive y trabaja en Francia, pero sus fans lo han alertado de este posible plagio. De hecho, Ooshima publicó un post para expresar su descontento con lo ocurrido. Afirma que muchos otros autores se inspiraron en su trabajo para crear otras historias, pero Kill la Kill va más allá y directamente plagia su obra. Sospecha que los creadores pensarían que no se enteraría de nada porque vive en Francia. Considera que Kill la Kill no se puede considerar una obra nueva y original, sino una adaptación de Gakuen Noise.

Ihara, el compañero de Ooshima, se lo tomó menos en serio. En su blog publicó una entrada al respecto con mucha sátira y más distendida que su compañero. Aunque ve muchas similitudes entre ambas obras, dice que no lo considera plagio porque no imita el desarrollo de la historia de Gakuen Noise. Opina que Kill la Kill sigue un desarrollo diferente y lleva otra trayectoria argumental.

Hace poco, Ihara colaboró en un manga llamado Akuto – ACT – , que también muestra similitudes con Kill la Kill, como por ejemplo búsqueda de la verdad sobre la muerte de un ser querido del protagonista o el estilismo de dos personajes en concreto.

Ihara también afirma que no está molesto en absoluto y se pregunta si lo que sucedió en realidad es simplemente que al equipo de Kill la Kill les gusta tanto Gakuen Noise que lo tomaron como referencia para crear su obra.

Fuente: ANN

El manga de Aruite Ikō finalizará en el mes de febrero

La edición de febrero de la revista Bessatsu Friend (Betsufure), a la venta el 11 de enero en Japón, anuncia que el manga de Aruite Ikō finalizará en el siguiente número de marzo de la revista manga shôjo de Kodansha, a la venta el 13 de febrero.

Con la publicación de este último capitulo, la mangaka Miwa Ueda pone punto final a esta historia que tiene como protagonista a una aspirante a mangaka. Desde que comenzará a publicarse en 2012 en las páginas de la revista Bessatsu Friend, la obra cuenta hasta la fecha con dos tomos recopilatorios, el último de ellos a la venta en Japón desde el pasado mes de noviembre.

La historia sigue a un chica de 12 años de edad que sueña con convertirse en mangaka profesional. Ella comienza la secundaria y deberá enfrentarse a las inquitudes que le genera el cambio de vida que debe afrontar para cumplir su sueño.

Ueda también publicó en la misma revista el manga de Rokomoko, aunque en España es más conocida por ser la autora de Peach Girl, título que fue publicado íntegramente de 2007 a 2008 por Planeta DeAgostini, habiéndose traducido al castellano también la adaptación animada de la serie de manos de Jonu Media.

Fuente: ANN

NISA Adds Chronicles of the Going Home Club Anime

Adaptation of Kuroha’s schoolgirl manga to get home video release

Greg Martin, Artist Who Drew “Sonic” Box Art and More, Passes Away

The name Greg Martin might not ring a bell to most of you, but there’s no doubt you’ve seen his work. In fact, a great deal of your childhood was likely peppered with his cover designs for countless classics, from the early Sonic the Hedgehog games to Time Gal, an FMV game featuring the work of Toei Animation. Sadly, according to a post one of his friends made over at the Nintendo Age forums, Greg Martin has passed away.


In addition to detailing some of his career, including a period at Hanna-Barbera, his friend says Martin’s airbrush works would take at least a week to complete. You can see some of his era-defining contributions to video games below, and there are even more at the link above.




Joseph Luster is the Games and Web editor at Otaku USA Magazine. His blog can be found at subhumanzoids. Follow him on Twitter at @Moldilox.

Crunchyroll to Stream Nisekoi Romantic Comedy Anime

Aniplex USA streams English trailer for series premiering on Saturday

Crunchyroll Adds “NISEKOI” to Streaming Lineup!

False love is about to blossom during the winter 2014 anime season as NISEKOI, based on the manga by Naoshi Komi, is set to begin streaming on Crunchyroll every Saturday starting on January 11 at 9:00 am Pacific Time for its premium members. Free users will be able to view this series one (1) week after initial broadcast on Crunchyroll. More information can be found on www.crunchyroll.com/nisekoi.  



Background and story

Originally published just once in Jump NEXT!, NISEKOI has exploded out the gates since with a full serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump, and now an anime series for the winter 2014 season.  Our protagonists – Raku Ichijo and Chitoge Kirasaki – will be respectively portrayed by the talented Kouki Uchiyama (Yu-Gi-Oh, Infinite Stratos, Hunter x Hunter) and Nao Toyama (The World God Only Knows, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU).


“Raku Ichijo is an average high school student.  He also happens to be the sole heir to the head of a Yakuza Family called the Shuei-gumi. 10 years ago, Raku made a promise… a secret promise with a girl he met.  They promised one another that they will “get married when they reunite.”  Since then, Raku never let go of the pendant the girl gave him.


Then one day, a beautiful girl named Chitoge Kirisaki transfers into Raku’s class.  Their chemistry was more than off. There was not a moment where they were not fighting. But, by a weird turn of events…Raku and Chitoge agree to become fake lovers.  Although his heart is really interested in his classmate Kosaki Onodera…Raku must continue pretending to be Chitoge’s boyfriend.


How far will you go for a love that is truly fake? Which girl holds the key to Raku’s pendant and to his heart?”


NISEKOI will be available to users in the following territories: North America, South America, and South Africa.




Patrick Macias is editor in chief of Crunchyroll News. He is also the editor of Otaku USA magazine. Check out his Tumblr at japanesefashioninferno.tumblr.com.